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Verna's Story


Verna's Story


A couple of weeks ago I received this message from my friend, Richard Sejour.
Hi Grace, 
Cheryl & I are absolutely flabbergasted about the cream. We applied it to Cheryl’s mom arm which was in deplorable condition, and we actually witnessed her arms getting better right before our eyes. 
So we need to order some more of the cream for her. 
You really have a miracle cream there Grace. Praise the Lord!
Cheryl and Richard live in Florida, but they were visiting Cheryl's mom, Verna in Sidney, BC. When we heard that they were there, we took some more MSM cream and went to see them. 

This is how Verna's arms and legs

looked when we got there:

verna-right-arm-1web.gif verna-left-arm-1web.gif verna-right-leg-1web.gif

The next day I got this note: 

You should see Mom's arms now!

  The color is back to normal-WoW!






This picture was taken 2 hours

after the one above.


This picture was taken just before we left,

about 5 hours later.