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Owners Tim and Grace Lukens Tim and Grace Lukens started with two goats in 1999 to have milk and dairy products in case the Y2K computer bug actually came about.

When the commerce of the world did not come to a stop at the turn of the millennium, they started making goat milk soap as a way for the goats to pay for themselves. Soon they were selling the goat milk soap at the Bellingham Farmers Market and people asked them to make goat milk lotion as well.


By the time Grace had perfected the goat milk lotion recipe, she and Tim knew they had launched a new business. People were writing them letters and telling them about how their skin problems were cleared up by using the goat milk soaps and lotions.

"We are Christians. When it came time to name our farm we prayed. We wanted our farm's name to reflect our faith and our statement of purpose. God gave us the name "Grace Harbor Farms" and told us what it means. Grace Harbor Farms means that God, by his Grace, brings us into a Harbor, a safe place where we can grow, a Farm. We are still not sure why the "s" on farm, but God will show us in his time. In the meantime we are delighted to be serving him, and you, with this farm and the talents he has placed in our care.

We trust that you will be blessed by our products. We will always treat you with respect, integrity, and love. We know that the most important thing God has placed in our field of influence is you, our customer.





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Farm Store Hours: temporary store hours during the "stay home-stay healthy" mandate 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

9-5 Monday through Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Grace Harbor Farms is the trade name for two companies.

Grace Harbor International, Inc. makes skin care products.

Lukens Farm Inc. makes yogurt, and bottles milk from both cows and goats.