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Why Goat Milk for Skin Care?


Do you know why goat milk is so good for your skin? It actually nourishes it and moisturizes at the same time.

  • Goat Milk is naturally homogenized because its protein and fat molecules are small and are all the same size
  • Because the protein and fat molecules are small, they are easily absorbed by the skin
  • Goat Milk contains selenium, which is good for the skin, and may help to reduce inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis

The internet is loaded with articles about the benefits of goat milk soap.  Here is a very good article from Huffington Post

  1. Delays signs of aging
  2. No a chemical counterfeit
  3. Anti-inflammation
  4. Loaded with essentials
  5. Helps treat acne

Goat Milk Lotion has all the same wonderful qualities of the goat milk soap.