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​Msm cream for stretch marks

​Msm cream for stretch marks

10th Mar 2021

A great strategy for stretch marks!

MSM cream is great for stretch mark scars. MSM provides a boost in collagen production helps your body regenerate scars of any kind. MSM is a safer alternative to try

Who wants those tiger stripes anyway? If you've ever had the stomach with watermelon lines, or even love handles with bear claw scrathes, you'll need to read this. I promise at the very least, you'll learn different methods of reducing or removing those stretch marks. I'll even throw in an opportunity at the end, with $0 obligation.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by rapid expansion of the body. The skin is unable produce enough cells to maintain it's form, causing the elasticity of the skin to break down. This results in scarring, since the skin has to heal the gaps.

These marks come in streaks along the area of expansion. If you blow up a balloon a little too much, you'll see streaks similar to what happens to the human body. A good example is a pregnant stomache, the expansion happens over 9 months, but that is still beyond what the skin can handle. Some women don't experience this problem

What causes stretch marks?


-Weight gain

These cause those little bear scratches I wrote about earlier. They appear (at least for me) on my sides after a month or two of not watching my diet. When you are busy in life, you have less meal prep time, so you grab whatever food you can.

Muscle gain

This would be the ideal way to get stretch marks, if I had to pick. I would rather have a nice stomache and a line or two than be large and streaked. I don't want to scare you by making you think you shouldn't work out. This is more for body builders or someone who has 0 fat and starts intensely working out everyday for months.


During puberty our bodies grew in all directions, so it's understandable to get a few stretch marks. Luckily for these young people they can probably heal those scars fast. If they don't, I recommend some of the practices I'll mention soon in this article.

Are stretch marks permanent?

Some people have been able to naturally and artificially remove their stretch marks, but the truth is the elastin in your skin, which allows your skin to stretch, never heals back to it's original state.

This is why prepping your body before hand is so important, once you stretch the skin, and it is fully healed, it is much more difficult to remove the scars. Some scars are mild, while others are deep revines in the skin, where you can almost see the fiber that make up the scar. These are the exposed blood vessels that show, once the collagen fibers are torn.

Tips for prepping the skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil is great for while you are pregnant, just be sure to use it every day, twice a day (½ tsp), for the entire pregnancy, you may see some great results. The leneic acid in olive oil helps keep moisture in the skin from evaporating. The 4 antioxidants in olive oil help

Vitamin E

Camellia oil

The Japanese are known for their skin health, and this product is backed up by tradition and science. It contains polyphenol, vitamins A, B, C, and E. Amellia oil also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in the body but dwindle as we all age.

These ingredients help fight off ultra violet rays from the sun, maintain skin balance, as well as repair scarring.

Other ways to get rid of scarring

Why is MSM good for stretch marks?

MSM boosts Collagen production in the body. We recommend this after the pregnancy.

MSM cream is taking the internet by storm. Grace Harbor International started selling it in the early 2000s, and it has only grown. Many smaller companies have tried to copy the formula, but GHI is still the leading brand, with more reviews than any other brand.

What makes it great is it's body to boost collagen production in the body, which is exactly what the body needs when repairing skin. Our slogan has always been “put it on anything that hurts, and that is the truth. That is why I'm going to make you an offer that will spark your interest.

If you call or message us we will send you a free sample of MSM. Why would we give away product for free? Because we believe in this product so much, we truly believe anybody who benefits at all from this product will fall in love and make a purchase. Are we asking for you to pay shipping? Nope! $0 and we only need a few details to send you the product!

There is no evidence that MSM is unsafe for pregnant women, but we also don't know for certain if it IS. There have been 0 reported issues, so use at your own discretion.

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