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How soap in the bed cures your RLS

How soap in the bed cures your RLS

5th Mar 2021

Sleeping with soap under your bedsheets is known practice that has been handed down for generations to help people with both leg cramps and RLS. Lavender soap is recommended; and it is believed that the essential oil of lavender has a soothing affect on the legs, while magnesium in soap helps with magnesium deficiency.

Have you ever wondered if that old tale actually works? Like many things in the world of alternative treatments, it may seem bunk, but there is actually some truth to the power. I am here to settle the score, to take the bologna and cut the fat, 1 soap bar at a time.

Why would you put soap in your bed?

Many people with RLS or general leg cramps will keep a bar of soap in their bedsheets. In fact, they will do this for months, trading out the bars every 3 months or so to keep the bar fresh. Some people will use a classic dove bar, but we'll get into which is the best soon.

What is the bar in bed good for?


Leg cramps

Mild insomnia

Why does it work?

The essential oils in the soap mixed with the benefits of magnesium soothe your skin and muscles. Lavender is a natural soother. Magnesium is similar in that sense. Magnesium is not as common in our food anymore. So if that is related to you, you may benefit from a bar of soap in the bedsheets.

Does it have to be a bar?

My hypothesis is that, a bar will keep the essential ingredients, lavender and magnesium, a constant contact throughout the night. But if you get a lotion with the same ingredients, I would bet it would have a similar effect. But like sunscreen, the application may not last as long as you'd need. A bar under your bedsheets would do the trick.

Maybe even an essential oil diffusor would help, with the right oils would reduce RLS. If placed at the foot of your bed, it may reduce leg cramps even. This is an old science

What bar is best?

There are many soaps out there today ranging from oatmeal, to sunflower, and the list goes on and on. But bar is best to go under your bedsheets? Whatever one offers the right amount of soothe to RLS and cramps.

A bar of lavender soap is known to be the best, with magnesium and lavender. Magnesium is in most soaps, so it's about finding a lavender bar that is naturally containing essential oils.

You can find a soap like this in most stores, but we also offer lavender soap that is perfectly made for this occasion.

Here's a link to our lavender bar soap: click here!

The bedsheets

Another idea as to why this works so well is that the bedsheets will keep the beneficial parts of the soap in the material that is closest to your legs. It may absorb the “air” that comes from the soap, but it might also hold in actual soap particles which would touch you skin

An exact how to

Step 1

Get your bar of soap, it can be whatever, but we recommend ours (link here)

Step 2

Unwrap and insert under fitted sheets at the bottom of your bed.

Step 3

Get comfy! Wear something that does not hide your skin, shorts or a nightgown will work. For best results, you want your legs exposed to the elements of your bedsheets. If you wear sweatpants under the blanket, you may not see the same results.