Help Me Be a Good Girl, Amen

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Any of you who had the privilege of knowing my (Grace) mom, know a little of what an amazing woman she is. She went to heaven in 2016, but she is still AMAZING.


But you may not know that she grew up in China as a missionary kid. Even so, she did not know the Lord until she was 50 years old--after her children came to faith! 

You also may not know all the tragedies and triumphs of her life.

Read her book--you will not be disappointed.

Read the tribute her granddaughter wrote about her after she went to heaven. Is is all "And She Laughs" click the link to go to Jasona Brown's blog and read it. 


Born to missionary parents in China, Rebecca Jean discovered life from a perspective few of us has ever known. As a young girl living amidst the ravages of war, she traveled across China, India, and Australia, and as she crossed the Pacific on her way to the United States her ship caught fire. She was only seventeen, but her life of adventure, tragedies and triumphs had only begun. In quiet desperation she discovered the truth of God's word and a relationship with him she never dreamed possible. Years later she returned to China to pick up where her parents left off and authored this book as a memoir. Filled with details from her childhood diary, and vivid images of adventure, you will follow her through the laughter and the tears and her ultimate joy.