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Back Pain

Greetings from sunny Phoenix AZ! I am a new customer and now a loyal one. Love the goat milk lotions and creams, just today my order of 3 jars of MSM cream arrived. I used it on my husband's sore back & he was pain-free in minutes. This stuff is FABULOUS & I'll be ordering more as we own/operate a landscape construction & maintenance company so aches and pains are frequent with our crew.
I do have an unusual question & didn't see a testimonial about it. One of my daughters-in-law suffers from moderate pain during her menstrual cycle. Would MSM help her? I imagine if she rubs it on her lower back it will help but any thoughts on abdominal application? I'd appreciate your input. 
Many thanks,
My answer to her:
Thank you for the great words about our MSM cream!
Yes, it is good for menstrual cramps. Have her rub it on front and back. She will be amazed! The first time I saw it used for cramps was when I was demonstrating it at a fair and a young girl came into the booth with her mom. The girl asked if it would help cramps. I told her I didn't know but go ahead and try it. She did, and instantly had relief. What a joy for us to make a product that helps people so much. No one has given me a written testimony about helping for cramps yet, so if your daughter in law wants to send me an email after she tries it, or you could send me a word, that would be great!
Thank you, and blessings to you! 
Hi there.....
I am so excited to have stumbled on to your website and hear your stories and testimonies! I was on a quest to find a pure premium MSM cream as I have been suffering with severe upper back and cranial tension for about 6 months now. I remembered my mother ( she is now home with the lord) using MSM cream and taking the supplement some years ago and raving about its effects. Although I don't think she gave it much devotion unfortunately. So in my quest to rid myself of this horrible tension that has taken over much of my time and life and do it naturally...I had a V8 moment and turned to MSM as I saw it one day at the pharmacy when I was looking for vitamins and herbs that would aid my pain. I have been using it for about 2 weeks soon as I get out of the shower and before bed at night. I even coat it in my hair on the muscles at the base of my that is where alot of the tension is as well. I have been having burning and pain on the top of my head as well which I find to be the hardest of all this to live with. Even my temples hurt. Ive seen numerous doctors and they have all chalked it up to stress and tension. And through experience I can safely say that yes...any amount...even the slightest a tense movie...does me in completely! I suffer physically from my shoulder blades to the top of my head at any tension!
So far..the MSM is working like a charm! Everyday I use it...the pain has eased and things are getting better. However I am worried that a shelf bought MSM cream may not have all the beneficial ingredients in it. Basically I think it could be better! The MSM works great...but I know that the other ingredients can have a drastic play in absorption and benefits. I am very impressed with the ingredients listed in your product!!!!!  
I do have one question for you...if I may?  Is this cream safe enough to use alot...more often than twice a day? I'm just not sure...and have been pretty careful not to use the one I have now to much. 
Thank you for listening to me ramble on...and I look forward to doing business with you!
On April 6, 2003 I was in a car accident and had my pelvic shifted out of alignment causing great lower back pain. I have sufferd ever since. After just a few minutes after applying this to my back, I was 95% pain free! How amazing a product! Thank You! God Bless, Dino
(From the Puyallup Fair 2007)
I was walking by and my back had been killing me from working at the fair and walking. The lady says to me 'try a sample", so I did. Honestly--by the time I got to the big doors at the end I had no back pain! This is no joke!  Thanks so much! Debra W. Spanaway, WA
(From the Lynden Fair, 2008)
I found you last year at the WWA Fair and bought two jars and two pump bottles. We have gotten so much relief from the MSM Cream that I came back just to tell you how glad we are about your products.  We have told relatives and now they are getting their products on line! What a great find! Bill's had two back surgeries and I have knee and foot problems. Your MSM Cream helps where nothing else does. Wanda and Bill W.