This Place



 Just about a year ago, summer of 2020, we bought a piece of land and a house on the Olympic Peninsula.  

 We are in Sequim, and we love it here.

It was time for us to get off the farm in Custer and let David, Tim's son, run the dairy on his own.

He is doing a fantastic job. He had the best year ever last year, even in the midst of covid restrictions.

We brought the skin care business with us. An added blessing is that Laura, our production manager, came with us!

Here is a little introduction to This Place.

Stay tuned. As we continue to develop our little farm, we will have more news to share with you.





This Place is 500 yards from the Dungeness River, and the River Bridge Park


 It's a great place to explore 

meet-the-baby-goats.jpeg play-with-baby-goats.jpeg


play with baby goats,



or just relax.