​This doctor recommends you try MSM

​This doctor recommends you try MSM

8th Apr 2020

This doctor recommends you try MSM

My name is Anna and I live in Bellingham, WA. I am an obstetrician gynecologist. About a year ago I developed a sever skin allergies, I became allergic to latex and other chemicals in even non latex gloves and became allergic to many of the scrubs we’d wear, as well as many ingredients common in in lotions and soaps. It was difficult for me because I had open lesions on my hand, it was painful to wear the scrubs or to wash my hands- this was the condition my skin was in when I met Grace. I had tried so many soaps and lotions and spent a small fortune on products and sadly nothing worked. At the farmers market in Bellingham I showed Grace my hands and asked her “is there anything I can do to help my hands.”

And since then my hands have healed. Her MSM cream has nourished and soothed my inflamed skin. I started using the goat milk soap as well as the MSM lotion. I wash my hands, and my whole body completely with goat milk soap, I don’t use anything else. MSM has completely healed all the problems that I’ve gone through, skin wise.